What does VinCE stand for?

What does VinCE stand for?
As suggested by its name, the primary focus of the event is wine (as in vin) exhibited in Central Europe (CE). 160 exhibitors are scheduled to take part in the event with exhibitors coming from Hungary and the neighboring countries but some winemakers from outside the region will also offer their bottles for tasting. In addition to wine, we also intend to highlight pálinka with the best distilleries presenting their products. The event also hosts further gourmet products such as cheese, olive oil and extraordinary sausages just to mention a few. Besides displaying an awesome cornucopia of wines, the exhibition also offers seated tastings – masterclasses – and interactive workshops where wine lovers may sip both wine and knowledge, while wineries receive up-to-date information and efficient assistance.

Who is it for?
VinCE is for everybody who appreciates high-quality wine and looks for excellence in all products, be it a pastry or mineral water. While serving an unparalleled experience for wine lovers, VinCE is a must for all stakeholders of the profession.
–        Sommeliers may meet winemakers face-to-face and the experience they gain during tasting together might later become entertaining stories to share with their guests at the table.
–        Restaurant owners are given the chance to compile their full wine list during the event selecting from among the best bottles.
–        For those who still study wine, the exhibition is nothing less than the knowledge centre of wine.
–        Wine merchants will find the best new releases in one place.
–        Winemakers will finally receive the long-awaited answers and potential solutions to their most pressing questions and problems.
–        And for wine lovers it is the ultimate paradise with no desire to leave.

In Central Europe, that is to say in Hungary, the heart of the region with great wine-making traditions. The lively capital, Budapest is an attractive centre for conferences and a wide range of events: the festivals and programmes hosted by the city enjoy huge popularity all over the world. VinCE 2010, the first edition welcome guests form neighboring and other European countries but it was also visited by participants form the United States and even from Peru. The second edition was even more popular, several visitors arrived from overseas, even from Japan and China. The third edition in 2012 was a real international event with experts from all over the world. It was the first year when we extended the event from 2 days to 3.

The venue, the lavish five-star hotel in centrally located Elisabeth avenue also contributes to the success of the event by providing a worthy setting for the most beautiful wines and the most fascinating lecturers. And last but not least, the master-of-art technology of this huge complex and conference centre is suitable for the smooth organization of an international event like this.

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