By the glass

VinCE visitors can be guaranteed that the organisers come up with improvements in regard to your wine tasting experience every year. A spectacular addition to VinCE Budapest’s experience this year is without a doubt, the By the glass® room. The wonderful wine preservation systems created by a Dutch company called, By the glass® are available in 41 countries throughout the world from Brazil to Singapore.  This year the By The Glass® experience will be available in Hungary at VinCE Budapest. Being a top innovator, By the glass® has developed a revolutionary new wine preservation system and dispenser which communicates via your smartphone and you can try this new technology first hand at the By the glass® hall on the ground floor with Hungarian grape varieties!


You will now be able to sample Hungarian varieties in the By the glass® room via 20 “Modular” systems. This means that you will be able to try 40 different wines via this new invention. With one quick login via your email address or Facebook profile to the SmartWine Application, you can sample varietals like, Furmint, Juhfark and Blaufrankish at perfect serving temperatures with one single push of a button.  After tasting, you can evaluate each wine, share with your friends and keep a record of your “tasting history” to be looked up at any time.
The By the glass® room eagerly awaits you on the ground floor by the entrance and welcomes you for free with your daily ticket.  

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